10 MORE Reasons Why Homeschooling Can Be SO GOOD For Kids

In a recent article in HSLDA magazine, the author listed two crucial attitudes new homeschoolers need to have in order to “make it”.

They need to believe 

  1. “We really can pull this off!” and

2. “Homeschooling is good for our children.”

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Here are 10 MORE reasons why homeschooling can be SO GOOD for kids!.

Time to Read. I don’t think it can be overstated that 1.) reading aloud to kids and 2.) giving them lots of time to read- catapults kids towards a voracious appetite for learning. Do you want your kids to love learning? Read to them. Do you want them to grow into a lifestyle of learning on their own? Let. them. read. Give them access to a plethora of quality books, whether through a home library or trips to the local library, and then provide plenty of time for them to read. The flexibility in homeschooling makes it possible to spend large quantities of time reading.

Healthy balance of time with friends and time at home. Rather than being locked in to a certain group of kids for certain time periods daily, homeschoolers own their schedules. Parents can influence their kids’ social lives as they observe their child’s needs. If a parent senses that their child needs more time with friends, he or she can plan more play dates or sign up for more co-ops, classes, or events. On the other hand, if its a busy life season- maybe a move or unexpected health crisis or even the holidays, the parent can block out the schedule and have more quiet days at home.

More opportunities to help people and be involved in the community. Do you know what it means to an elderly neighbor to have trustworthy kids nearby who offer to get your mail or help during the day if needed? Can you imagine what it does for them just to SEE kids during the day- outside playing or walking or working?! Seeing kids out in the middle of the day is a beautiful thing!! Because their schedule is more flexible, homeschoolers also have more chances to volunteer in community activities. These kinds of opportunities teach them sympathy and give them the satisfaction of contributing to a noble cause.

Kids can pursue friendships by choice. We all know there are just some people you click with better than others. Homeschooled kids can be choosy about the friendships in which they’d like to invest the most time. They are not lumped into one group or even one age level. *As a side note, parents have more freedom to discourage friendships that are unhealthy and encourage bonds that are mutually strengthening.

No bullying– No explanation needed!

Current Events. Because our kids are home, we can capitalize on current events locally and around the world. Most recently, the election has been prime opportunity to discuss the voting process and the electoral college. How many electoral votes are needed to win? Can there be a tie in the electoral college? What would happen in that event? We usually do current events in the morning with our breakfast. Resources like World Magazine, World Watch, The Worldview in 5 Minutes, and Voice of the Martyr’s Magazine have all helped to keep us abreast of what is happening around the world.

Free Time. What happens when your school day is shortened by several hours (as it is when you are homeschooled) and you have extra free time? You learn skills. Let me repeat that. You acquire and hone skills according to your interests. You paint. You play imaginative games with siblings. You explore outside. You experiment in the kitchen. You get craft ideas from Pinterest. You look up YouTube videos on how to do magic tricks or how to play a certain song on the piano. You practice your soccer skills. You try knitting.

Meaningful Conversations. Think about it. When do you have the most meaningful conversations with your kids? They are usually not scheduled. They happen late at night or in moments when you least expect it. When parents spend large quantities of time with kids, the chances for meaningful conversations to happen increase.

Length of lessons catered to developmental age and individual needs of the child. Many times lessons have been too easy or too difficult for our kids and I have the freedom to adjust as needed. If a lesson is too easy, I can assign more or give an extension activity. If, on the other hand, a child has spent a good deal of time on math, has only finished two problems, and is becoming frustrated, I have the freedom to sit down, work with him on one or two more problems and call it a day. There are times for plugging away at things, but an exasperated child will not make much progress. It’s better to walk away and try again tomorrow.

Investment in relationships that are life-long. By far, I believe one of the best benefits of homeschooling is the childhood spent investing in relationships that you will have for the rest. of. your. life. Your family. It is not easy to develop close relationships with siblings when you spend the majority of your waking hours separated, with people you will only know in grade school. It’s important to have friends. Being involved in a co-op and having your kids regularly see others in their inner circle helps them develop important social skills. BUT spending a lot of time with family is a long term investment that pays!

I’d love to hear why you think homeschooling can be SO GOOD for kids!

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