Having trouble finding a homeschool community that fits? Consider this!

According a recent article from HSLDA, the number of parents choosing to educate their children entirely at home has doubled in the past year from 3.2 million to nearly 6 million nationwide. I can’t speak for co-ops in other localities, but our co-op is bursting at the seams! For two years in a row, our co-op has grown by more than a third of our size! Additionally, we have 10 families on our waiting list and this registry continues to expand. This is what I have wanted to tell so many of the applicants on our waiting list..

Welcome Baby Hollyn

In May, the Lord gifted our family with this precious baby girl.Hollyn Joy. 8 lbs. 8 oz. of pure sweetness!

Meet Liz

Does the idea of homeschooling appeal to you, but you are afraid to step out and try it? Then you need to listen to this conversation with Liz! She tells her own story of jumping into homeschooling in spite of her fears. Liz shares how she has overcome the challenge of feeling overwhelmed and how her family has found a good fit in Classical Conversations.

Keeping a Portfolio

If you have not before, I encourage you to try keeping a portfolio this year. It is a project your kids will take pride in! And you might find that keeping a portfolio is a huge confidence booster for YOU as well! Here are the steps I use in putting a portfolio together.

Helpful Habits for Writing Well #1: Creating a Literate Environment

How can we teach our kids to communicate effectively? There are many excellent writing curriculums out there, but I have also found that there are simple writing habits that can be used regularly to cover a lot of ground. Kind of like a multi-vitamin or an all-in-one. In observing the positive results I have seen from these practices I have become so convinced of their effectiveness that they HAVE BECOME our main writing curriculum!

Helpful Habits for Writing Well #2: Copying the Best Pieces from Great Authors

How can we teach our kids to communicate effectively? I have observed four simple writing habits that, when used regularly over a long period of time, are very effective in helping our kids become excellent writers.

Helpful Habits for Writing Well #3: Narration

Looking for a way to help your child improve their writing skills? The regular habit of narration produces quality writers. Give it a try! Do it for a year and track your child’s progress over time. You might be surprised at how something so simple can be so effective!

Helpful Habits for Writing Well #4: Notebooking

10 Reasons Why Homeschooling Can Be SO GOOD for Kids

10 MORE Reasons Why Homeschooling Can Be SO GOOD For Kids

To the New Homeschool Moms Wondering, “Can I really pull this off?”

Five Minute Math Games to do with Everyone

Looking for ideas for Math? Math is a subject that that should be done individually because it is a skill, however, there are some math games that I have done with all of my kids together. They love these!

Our Interview

Hi! I’m Sheri. This is my husband Nelson. We have been married for 20+ years and live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We have nine kids and have been homeschooling for eleven years. I never imagined myself as a homeschooler. Even though I had a background in teaching, the thought of teaching my own kids seemed completely foreign to me! But I’m so glad God led us down this path and though it has its challenges, I am grateful many times over for this opportunity!

Why I Started This Blog

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