Mom Interviews

Meet Connie

Connie answers the question everyone is asking homeschool moms, “How do you do it all?!” Being a homeschool mom can feel like holding down a couple of full time jobs! Connie, Mom of 7, shares her passion for discipling their kids and what she has learned to help her get it all done each day.

Meet Beth

Beth is in the thick of homeschooling. She has two elementary-aged children. She just added a Kindergartner this year. In addition, she has an active toddler to entertain! She gives honest, but encouraging advice to moms who are starting out homeschooling for the first time. If you are juggling homeschooling and preschoolers, you will relate to this conversation with Beth!

Meet Kay

Kay’s real passion in homeschooling is being together in life and giving their kids a childhood. She says, “I see it as my mission to first understand my children, and then help them understand themselves and who God has made them to be, so that they can see how their gifts and abilities fit into a greater plan to serve and love Jesus.  This is our great commission as parents! “

Meet Kathy

Three years ago Kathy pulled her children out of school to try homeschooling. What she discovered in this experiment was that she LOVES learning alongside her kids!! She shares what drew her to the classical model of education and their involvement in Classical Conversations. Kathy and her three children love to visit local attractions! She shares their experiences on her blog, and YouTube channel, Frugal Lancaster.

Meet Emily

Emily views homeschooling as an opportunity to inspire kids to a love of learning that follows them through life. She sees herself as more of a consultant in their learning process rather than a teacher. She shares how homeschooling has changed for them from the elementary years to high school years.

Meet Robin

Does the atmosphere in your home and the habits your children are forming lend toward a lifestyle of learning for your family? This conversation with Robin will inspire you to “capture the Glory and to continue to grow in your appreciation of all things beautiful and worthy.”

Meet Lauree

Lauree shares her travels, hobbies, and experiences homeschooling her daughter, Zoey. She has some great advice for parents who might be homeschooling for the first time.

Meet Rebekah

If you are looking for resources and encouragement for the special needs of your child, then you will love this interview with my friend Rebekah!

Meet Jackie

In this interview, Jackie talks about what attracted her to homeschooling, her philosophy of education, and how to push through the hard spots that are sure to come.

Meet Christy

Join me as I talk with Christy about her experiences homeschooling her kids. Like many of us, Christy and Dan were not initially planning to homeschool. She shares how that change came about for them and what a typical day looks like in their home.

Meet Melissa

Meet Melissa, a friend who I have been homeschooling alongside for 10+ years. Join us as we talk about getting started, sports, the high school years, and more!

Meet Bev

Bev and I connect to talk about her experiences homeschooling her children. We talk about a typical day, homeschooling with littles, getting started, keeping perspective, and more.

Our Interview

Hi! I’m Sheri. This is my husband Nelson. We have been married for 20 years and live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We have eight kids and have been homeschooling for ten years. I’ve been spending my summer interviewing homeschool moms, collecting their stories and resources. I’m excited to share them in hopes that they will be an encouragement to people who are thinking about homeschooling or are already homeschooling.

Our Story

Hi! I’m Sheri, wife to Nelson for 20 years. We live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. My husband works in law enforcement and I stay home with our kids. We have eight children and have been homeschooling for ten years.

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