Having trouble finding a homeschool community that fits? Consider this!

More than ever before I have seen a surge in parents homeschooling for the first time. According to this article from HSLDA, the number of parents choosing to educate their children entirely at home has doubled in the past year from 3.2 million to nearly 6 million nationwide. I can’t speak for co-ops in otherContinue reading “Having trouble finding a homeschool community that fits? Consider this!”

To the New Homeschool Moms Wondering, “Can I really pull this off?”

You have stepped out to homeschool your child- timidly, but surely. You’re excited, but scared to death. Will we be able to keep up? Will my kids have friends? What if they are missing something? What if I ruin them? I recently read a fantastic article put out by the Homeschool Legal Defense Association inContinue reading “To the New Homeschool Moms Wondering, “Can I really pull this off?””

Keeping a Homeschool Portfolio

We all love looking back at old pictures. Kids especially love looking back at the places they have been and what they were doing at a certain age. When I pulled out some portfolios from previous years for pictures for this post, it didn’t take long for my kids to find them and start lookingContinue reading “Keeping a Homeschool Portfolio”

Five Minute Math Games to do with Everyone

Looking for ideas for Math? Math is a subject that that should be done individually because it is a skill. Since each child will progress at their own level and ability, it is not a subject that is easily taught in a group. There are, however, some math games that I have practiced at theContinue reading “Five Minute Math Games to do with Everyone”

Teaching a Child To Read

Though it really shouldn’t be, one of the most intimidating endeavors to a new homeschooler is teaching a child to read. You have already taught your child to do a host of other important skills as a parent: sleeping through the night, potty-training, talking. Reading is the next step. Parents get frustrated teaching their childContinue reading “Teaching a Child To Read”

Starting Your School Year Simply

If the start of a new school year finds you stressing over all you have to do, it shouldn’t. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some suggestions to help you start your year with peace. Plan less. You can always add more later. Have a basic plan, but you don’t have toContinue reading “Starting Your School Year Simply”

Should You Homeschool Next Year?

Still on the fence about what you will be doing next year? Here are some thoughts to consider. Reasons Homeschooling Might Not Be a Fit For You -You are happy with your child’s progress and overall experience in his or her school. -Your child is happy with his overall school experience. -Virtual learning and wearingContinue reading “Should You Homeschool Next Year?”

The Children Are Hungry

The children are hungry! They have an appetite for knowing and experiencing. It is the strong, real world that interests them so much, where the unexpected can happen and there is wonderful mystery. -Susan Schaeffer Macaulay For The Children’s Sake When I started out homeschooling, I relied almost completely on my experience as a publicContinue reading “The Children Are Hungry”

What Homeschooling Looks Like

            There’s no one way that homeschooling looks or doesn’t look. There’s no perfect ideal and certainly no perfect moms! Beware of the trap of comparison which leads only to discouragement and disappointment. What homeschooling should look like is finding the rhythm that works for you and your kids. Having said that, I will give some generalContinue reading “What Homeschooling Looks Like”