Teaching a Child To Read

Though it really shouldn’t be, one of the most intimidating endeavors to a new homeschooler is teaching a child to read. You have already taught your child to do a host of other important skills as a parent: sleeping through the night, potty-training, talking. Reading is the next step. Parents get frustrated teaching their childContinue reading “Teaching a Child To Read”

Starting Your School Year Simply

If the start of a new school year finds you stressing over all you have to do, it shouldn’t. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some suggestions to help you start your year with peace. Plan less. You can always add more later. Have a basic plan, but you don’t have toContinue reading “Starting Your School Year Simply”

Meet Lauree

Meet my friend and cousin Lauree! Lauree and Darren live in Upper Peninsula, Michigan. Darren is Fish Biologist for the Department of Natural Resources. Lauree stays home with their daughter. They have been homeschooling for 6 years. Lauree shares her travels, hobbies, and experiences homeschooling her daughter, Zoey. She has some great advice for parentsContinue reading “Meet Lauree”

Should You Homeschool Next Year?

Still on the fence about what you will be doing next year? Here are some thoughts to consider. Reasons Homeschooling Might Not Be a Fit For You -You are happy with your child’s progress and overall experience in his or her school. -Your child is happy with his overall school experience. -Virtual learning and wearingContinue reading “Should You Homeschool Next Year?”

Meet Rebekah

Meet my friend Rebekah! Rebekah and Greg live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Greg is an optometrist. Rebekah stays home with their kids. She has also started the non-profit fair trade company Havyn International which supports artisans and farmers in developing countries who are socially and economically marginalized. They have five children and have been homeschooling forContinue reading “Meet Rebekah”

Considering pulling your kids out for a year? Here are some tips from homeschool moms.

This school year many parents are homeschooling, not by choice, but as an only option. If you are one of these parents and you are looking for practical help this year, I encourage you, along with the direction you are probably already getting from your child’s school or teacher, to seek out other homeschool momsContinue reading “Considering pulling your kids out for a year? Here are some tips from homeschool moms.”

The Children Are Hungry

The children are hungry! They have an appetite for knowing and experiencing. It is the strong, real world that interests them so much, where the unexpected can happen and there is wonderful mystery. -Susan Schaeffer Macaulay For The Children’s Sake When I started out homeschooling, I relied almost completely on my experience as a publicContinue reading “The Children Are Hungry”