Hi! I’m Sheri, child of God, wife to Nelson, grateful mom to nine amazing kids. Our family has been homeschooling for eleven years, and I am thankful to say that we are still at it! I say that with emphasis because this choice has not been easy, BUT the rewards have been worth the cost. We ARE still at it! 

It has been a wonderful lifestyle for all of us. Spending so much time building relationships with our kids has been a blessing. Our kids have been privileged to be able to experience so many people and places without limitations.

It has not, however, been easy.  The sacrifice of time and the necessity to forge our own way have had its toll at times. I’ve almost quit once or twice. (Ok, maybe it’s been a few more!) 

Two things have helped keep this ship afloat along the way. First, it is the grace of God, strengthening and equipping me, and providing a supportive husband and encouraging friends.  

The second? The encouragement of other homeschoolers, friends who are in the trenches with me and, especially, those who are ahead of me. This second help, encouragement, is one of the reasons I have started this blog. Encouragement keeps us all going.

I blog here to encourage moms.

. . . Moms who have been considering homeschooling, but haven’t stepped out yet.  

. . . Moms who are possibly pulling their kids out of school because of COVID or for some other personal choice.

 . . . Moms whose oldest child will soon be entering preschool. They are thinking, “Where do I start?” and “What am I supposed to do with them all day?” 

. . . Moms who are currently homeschooling, but just want a friend who gets it. 

If this is you, welcome! Let’s chat!

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