Personal Wellness and Homeschooling

Homeschooling can be all-consuming. It’s easy to become obsessive about planning, looking into new, exciting curriculums and enjoying this new-found freedom.

When I started homeschooling, my girlfriends and I would bounce ideas off each other, talk about our schedules, what was working/not working, the beauty of learning at home, giving our kids a wild and free childhood, and spending long hours with them outside.

In the beginning, I was so excited (and intimidated at the same time!) about our new lifestyle…homeschooling WAS my hobby.

This initial excitement is important and maybe necessary at the start. It helps plunge you into a whole new way of thinking and living. Over time, however, and as you progress, the excitement sometimes wanes and the demands of homeschooling can become overwhelming, exhausting, engulfing.

Do you feel yourself slipping into the dark hole of fatigue and monotony? The questions I’ve listed below are questions to ask to help keep yourself inspired, positive, and purposeful.

What’s your Source? Don’t neglect time alone with God. E.M. Bounds said, “To be much alone with God is the secret of knowing Him and of influence with Him.” You can only pour out when you are full. What is the first thing you do when you get a free moment? That is a moment you can run to the Source!

How often do you spend time doing things you enjoy? What hobbies do you have? Make the effort to stop everything a spend time doing something you love EVERY day. After all, what are we teaching our kids if we aren’t modeling our own personal growth?

Are you getting enough sleep? If you are in the temporary season of having an infant or if you are pregnant, make sleep a priority.

Are you taking care of your body? Exercise! Exercise not only for your body, but also for your mind! This recent article Need to Spark Creativity? Go On a Walk inspired me to try to go for a walk every day.

Is your marriage a priority? Don’t neglect your spouse. Make time for each other without the kids. As good as we all believe homeschooling is for our kids, a healthy marriage is much more important.

With what are you filling your mind? Beware of the trap of mindless entertainment. Scrolling endlessly on social media is draining, not fueling. Instead, read a good book. Work on a project. Journal. Watch a good flick with your husband.

Is homeschooling consuming your family life? Keep “academic” school hours during school hours. When you are finished for the day, BE DONE. Move on to living life with your family.

Do you spend time with encouraging friends? Go out with your girlfriends. Sometimes it’s just easier to stay at home, but spending time with good friends is life-giving. Encouraging friendships keep you going on the hard days!

Do you and the kids need a break? Take a day (or more!) off. There’s something to be said for just giving everybody the day off. Walk away for a little. Maybe everybody needs a reset.

What are some things that you do to stay positive and purposeful?

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