Should You Homeschool Next Year?

Still on the fence about what you will be doing next year? Here are some thoughts to consider.

Reasons Homeschooling Might Not Be a Fit For You

-You are happy with your child’s progress and overall experience in his or her school.

-Your child is happy with his overall school experience.

-Virtual learning and wearing face masks to school, though less than ideal, are worth the quality of education your child receives.

-You feel more comfortable putting your child’s education into the hands of a trusted teacher than trying to forge your own way.

-You don’t want to homeschool, but you feel pressured by friends or family to homeschool. (Being pressured to homeschool is never a good reason to do it. Be bold enough to tell them that homeschooling is not a good fit for you or for your family.)

-School is the best option for the needs of your family.

Reasons Homeschooling Might Be a Good Fit For You

-You would like your child to have one on one help in areas of struggle at a pace that is right for them.

-You like the idea of your child learning about things that interest them.

-Even though it might be more of a time commitment, you like the thought of learning WITH your child.

-You like the possibility of a shorter day with NO homework.

-Your child has asked to be homeschooled.

-You like the flexibility of your child not being confined to a building or computer at certain times.

-You are concerned that your child does not love learning.

-You want more time together as a family.

NOT Reasons NOT to Homeschool

-You don’t feel qualified.

-You think someone else could do a better job.

-You don’t know if you can do it.

You are the parent. There is no person alive who is more concerned about your child’s long term success than YOU. Although there are many homeschoolers who were former teachers or their spouse was a teacher, some of the most amazing homeschool parents I have met have had NO teaching experience!! They are just passionate about their child’s success! They love to learn. They will go to great lengths to find the resources to enhance their child’s experiences. Do not believe the myth that you aren’t good enough to teach your child!!

Reasons Homeschooling Might Be a Good Fit Long Term

-You are excited to watch the momentum of the fastest growing educational movement in the country. (That was pre-COVID!)

-You have observed that colleges are actively seeking out homeschoolers because they are unique with highly varied experiences.

You have to be yourself. If you are a contented parent of a schooled child, don’t question your choices. Do what is best for your child and for your family.

If you, however, are drawn to homeschooling and would really like to try it, but are hesitant to step out, do not doubt yourself! This could just be the best decision you ever make!

How can I say that with certainty?

Because it was for me.

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